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Several years ago, I began making shirts at home for my family and friends. They were birthday gifts, party favors, and fun ways to be creative and artistic. Over time I developed a style and technique as I used T-shirt printing more and more as a creative outlet. At the urging of close friends and my husband, I decided to start wearLEAP.com as a way to bring my art to a broader audience. The name LEAP honors the people in my life at the center of why I started making T-shirts to begin with; Liam, Eoghan, Aaron, and Patrick. My style reflects their desire for comfortable shirts that are simple and artistic. Many of the designs encompass aspects of life in Austin/Central Texas, while others are a reflection of my upbringing in Corpus Christi. All of our shirts are designed with two basic premises in mind: Simple and Comfortable. This is the shirt you reach for when it's in the drawer, and get miffed about when it's in the hamper. It's your favorite T. All of our apparel is made and hand-printed in the USA. Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.